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Yes, you can have it all – the ultimate All-Rounder


So far, we’ve always had to compromise. Aero bikes are usually stiff, offer integration, look fast standing still, and are, of course, Aero. However, this comes at the price of increased weight, less compliance & comfort, and servicing headaches. Nobody likes to compromise, which is why the AR01 was born.


Integration without the hassle and the sore hands

A neat and aerodynamic one-piece cockpit with no cables showing has become the norm. We tick that box with BLKTEC x TOKEN Cable Box system. But where we stand out is in a straightforward approach that will not be a headache to service and a comfortable handlebar profile no matter your hand position.

No asphalt, no problem

Our AR01 can clear up to 32c wide tires. As if this wasn’t enough, there is also a hidden third bottle cage or accessory mount under the downtube for these very epic rides only you can think of. Pushing the no-compromise envelope wherever your adventure brings you.


Vortex-Tubing Technology (VTT)

An aero advantage you can feel, literally. Innovative and exclusive technologies enable you to cut through the wind like a knife through butter – With our patented Vortex Tubing Technology (VTT). It is possible to reduce the drag of a cylinder by half if an effective surface coating is applied. With this goal in mind, we have used a textured coating on specific areas of the AR01 tubing mimicking the texture of a golf ball but with protuberances instead of dimples. Enabling us to get the slippery benefits of the crafted surface but without the weight penalty of a dimpled surface which requires a thicker tubing wall thickness, resulting in heavier frame weight. Our goal was to keep things as light and slippery as possible, with no compromises.


Carbon aero cover
big gains in small places. 

You would be surprised how much drag can be saved by covering the caliper and rotor, so were we, and that is why we did, not only because it looks incredible. Now you can enjoy the power of disc brakes with an aero advantage over rim brakes as a cherry on top.

Geometry for the racers and masses, who want to go fast in comfort.

We offer two fork specs to ensure a superb ride quality across all sizes. The steep seat tube angle and short chainstays will ensure all your power goes into the ground, while the supplied setback seat post will keep you comfortable through compliance achieved by shape and layup. The front end will bring you down the hill as fast as you dare go and won’t budge when you flex your cyclist arms at it. 


Frame & Fork

AR01 & RF13




Selle Italia
SLR BOOST Superflow



SHIMANO DURA-ACE Di2 12 speed Group Set


SHIMANO DURA-ACE Di2 12 speed Group Set
11-30T Cassette

Wheelset & Tires

Fulcrum WIND 40DB
Continental Grand Prix 5000 (700c* 25c)

TOKEN TK155P A-box / CABLE BOX SYSTEM            
BLKTEC R8        
Seat Post
Selle Italia SLR BOOST Superflow
Drivetrain & Brake
SHIMANO DURA-ACE 12speed Di2 Group Set (50-34T/ 11-30T)                                                              
Bar Tape
San Marco/ PRESA Corsa Dynamic Black
Fulcrum WIND 400DB
Continental Grand Prix 5000 (700c* 25c)