TRIGON is not just a brand, we make our own bikes.
We aim to make bikes that provide the best riding experience.

Since 1998, we have been manufacturing high quality carbon bicycles in Taiwan for well-known brands around the world. After manufacturing for years, we decided it was time to launch our very own brand - TRIGON. We are the factory rather than just a brand outsourcing our products. From the first idea to the finished product, we are always passionate and we have the ability to oversee the entire process of our production line and ensure the quality is up to our standard.

We believe different bikes should have different design concepts, suitable performance and characteristics. To us, being lightweight and aerodynamic are the basic elements of bikes. Each model of TRIGON bike has its own personality that will give you the best riding experience under any conditions. We are here to offer the best carbon bikes to fulfil your expectations.


Founded by 5 engineers with knowledge, skills and experience of carbon fiber in a small town, Dajia, in Taiwan. We started to OEM and ODM carbon bikes and components for world famous bicycle brands. TRIGON is one of the pioneers of carbon bike manufacture.


Over two decades, we have matured and gained experience but we have never stopped researching and learning. We have identified and use only the best carbon materials to make our bikes achieve our goal, our core value: ‘provide the best riding experience’. Now is the time to let people know who we are, face cyclists’ expectations, listen to their demands, and satisfy their desires.


To us, excellent performance and riding experience is everything. TRIGON will keep striving to provide the best value and the best riding experience from our bikes and components for cyclists and people who enjoy cycling.


We believe different bikes should have different design concepts, performance and characteristics. Each model of TRIGON bike has its own personality that will give you the best riding experience no matter what the conditions.

Be true
To Carbon products, the material is crucial. TRIGON had been testing different carbon fiber and resins, time after time. TRIGON only use the Toray, carbon fiber, which probably is the best carbon fiber materials in the world. The Toray carbon fiber combined with a unique, strong hot-melt resin, these carbon fiber composites are used to make TRIGON own products. We know each process of what to do and how to do.

The balance of performance
Not only does TRIGON design, develop and build our own products in house, but we also have all our own testing machines to ensure every product reaches our high standards. We test our products to ISO standards plus an additional 30%. Strength and durability are our basic elements, but we also make sure different products have their own specific characteristics and performance. We believe in the balance between stiffness and comfort.

The spirit of the craftsman
All carbon bikes and components are required to be handmade, the details of production and layup are crucial. The carbon fiber layup arrangement is the key, with our experience and our knowledge we know how to hand craft carbon bike products with minimal limits and maximum potential. We specialize in creating the perfect bike and the best riding experience for you.