TRIGON aims to shorten the distance between our brand (we are also the manufacturer) and worldwide users. We would like to know who you are and what you want. While using the TRIGON official online store to buy our products may not be available for lots of countries at present, it is the first step towards achieving our goal.
Payment is via PayPal, you can choose to pay with a PayPal account or with a credit/debit card. (If you have any questions about PayPal, please click

All payment is in US dollars (including PayPal transfer fees). If your local currency is not US dollars, your credit/debit card associated firm may charge you extra fees because of the differences in currency and the international transaction. Please note that TRIGON will not earn any money from these fees. (Contact your credit/debit card associated firm if you have any questions about the transaction.)
Please make sure that all information and details are correct before placing an order. Once you place an order and the payment has been completed the order will be confirmed and move on to the next step (the order will not be confirmed if payment is not completed).

TRIGON will start to prepare your order for you, if you want to change or cancel the order, please contact within 48 hours. (Please note that if you place an order and we don’t receive any contact from you within 48 hours, we will confirm that the order will not be changed. TRIGON reserves the right to decline any order cancellation or return of payment until you receive the products ordered. All TRIGON products’ prices include tax and free shipping. When you complete payment you pay taxes and related costs too. Please note that the price displayed on the products’ pages is NOT the final payment, these prices is not including the Tax. The final payment will include the related tax (e.g. UK customers will have to pay an extra 20% tax, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay the related tax).




All TRIGON products purchased from the official website ( will be shipped by FedEx or DHL express Door-To-Door delivery.

TRIGON products currently only ship to the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. If you would like to purchase TRIGON products but your country is not included in the above list, please feel free to contact

TRIGON reserves the right to change or edit policy without notification.
Delivery normally takes 15-20 days after we receive the order (payment completed). We will send you an email with a tracking number after your order has been shipped.
(For more information: Shipping)

After you receive your order, please check the package for any damage as soon as possible. If there is any damage, please report it to the delivery company (FedEx or DHL) within 24 hours. The delivery company will assist you with the damage evaluation. If you want to return the order to us, please make sure all of the purchase documents and the report of the damaged packaging are included in the original package and contact us via before the return.



All TRIGON bikes and components come with 10 days right of return, after you receive your products. Please note that all returns have to be in original condition (all new and unused), packed well in the original boxes and every order receipt, invoice and any other paperwork. (Please note that you have to pay the return shipping fee, US$500 for a bike, US$300 for a frameset)

Payment will be returned to you only if we have received the products from you and confirmed that they are in their original condition (unused and undamaged) and all paperwork (receipt, invoice, proof of purchase) is correct. You shall assume all risk of loss of or damage to the physical goods while in transit to us, TRIGON will not take any responsibility for loss of or damage to products while in transit. TRIGON reserves the right to evaluate the actual condition of the returned product. Please note that you may not receive the return of the full payment. If we find that products have damage, have been used or paperwork is not correct, we will calculate the amount to be returned based on the situation.

The return payment will be in US dollars (the amount according to the state of the returned product), please note that you may be charged a transaction fee or other fees because of any differences in currency.
In addition, local taxes will not be returned to you from TRIGON. (Such as import taxes or any other taxes levied by the government of your country of residence). If you have any questions about import taxes and duties, please contact your local Customs.

TRIGON reserves the right to reject payment return if the products are returned after 10 days (from the day you received the products, according to the records of FedEx or DHL delivery status).
If you have any questions about the return policy or need any assistance, please contact us at


TRIGON Warranty and Guarantee(T.W.G)


In order to protect your TRIGON warranty and guarantee (T.W.G) right, please keep you T.W.G card, invoice and receipt (proof of purchase) safe. (Some of TRIGON’s partners aren’t using the T.W.G card for warranty claims, however, authentic TRIGON products all have the same warranty and guarantee period.)
The T.W.G card has only been included with our products since 2019. If you buy TRIGON products from a TRIGON partner but don’t receive the T.W.G card, please don’t worry, if you need to make a warranty claim go to them directly, TRIGON’s partners will assist you.

Please remember that TRIGON only has one official website ( as an online store, all TRIGON products bought from other websites are not covered by TRIGON T.W.G.

TRIGON brand carbon products made by TRIGON, such as bikes, frames and frame parts (handlebars, forks, stems, seatposts, saddles) are covered by a 24 month warranty and we also provide an additional 36 month guarantee. This results in a total guarantee of 60 months (5 years) from the date of purchase. However, the warranty and guarantee exclude other brand’s components and wearing parts (such as cables and housing, seals and rings, bearings, oil, grease, lubricants and fluid, derailleur hangers, sprocket and chain, chainrings, tyres, brake pads, bar tape and grips, clamps, suspension, wheelset), among other things. (Please contact the related brands or manufacturers directly for warranty claims).

Paint-jobs fall under a 12 month warranty, excluding human-caused damage, external-force damage and chemical-liquid (such as detergent) caused damage. Moreover, the product’s warranty and guarantee will be invalidated immediately if it is repainted.

Product damage caused by incorrect use, overuse or accidents, such as jumps, riding on an incorrect road surface, lack of maintenance and care, crashes, excessive modifications, tension and stress on the bike and parts from installation of additional accessories or components etc. In addition, alloy rust and anodizing are not covered by the TRIGON warranty and guarantee. TRIGON reserves all rights to repair or replace with relevant successor products but not cover the cost of repair or replacement, assembly or transportation.

TRIGON reserves the right to test and evaluate the condition of the products and decide the type of replacement product. Under the 24 month warranty period, in the case of any unintended material quality problem or production issue of TRIGON brand products confirmed by the TRIGON Tech-team, we will repair or replace the product without charging any money (for evaluation, assembly or transportation). If the product has been discontinued TRIGON will replace the old one with a new product of equal value and the old product will become TRIGON’s property. If the product’s damage is human-caused or any from condition not under the warranty, we will make a list of fees to be charged for evaluation, repair (or replacement), assembly and transportation. Customers can then decide to repair (or replace) the products or not. If TRIGON brand products have passed the 24 month warranty period but are still within the 36 month guarantee period, TRIGON reserves the right to repair or replace the defective products but not for free. TRIGON reserves the right to change rules or contents and the right of final interpretation in the case of any dispute.

Please note that the TRIGON T.W.G right depends on the ‘T.W.G CARD’. Keep it safe, if you lose the card, you lose the right to claim the warranty and guarantee. The W&G right is not transferable, the right is only for the original T.W.G card and product owner. TRIGON reserves the right to change rules or contents and the right of final interpretation in the case of any dispute.


Warranty Claim Steps


Only TRIGON official headquarters has the power to evaluate the actual condition of the products subject to the claim.

Find your TRIGON T.W.G card, take a picture of the product’s serial number, purchase date (back of the T.W.G card). If your products were bought from TRIGON worldwide agents (not from TRIGON’s official online page, please contact the agent directly for the warranty claim.

Take pictures or videos of the damaged parts of the products, as clear and detailed as possible.
Fill in the warranty claim form and send it to us at

After we receive your warranty claim, our service team will contact you within 20 to 30 working days and let you know the result of the first evaluation.

If you receive an email from us confirming that your product is still under warranty and we suggest you send it back to us, please pack only the damaged products (with the invoice, proof of purchase and the T.W.G card) carefully with full protection using the original TRIGON product box.

Let us know the collection date and time (morning/afternoon) and your contact information, we will ask our delivery partners to collect the package from you. (You shall assume all risk of loss of or damage to the physical goods while in transit to us, TRIGON will not take responsibility for goods lost or damaged in transit)

The warranty claim process will usually take 60 working days after we receive the returned product. We will keep updating you and discuss further processes with you throughout this time.

Important: The customer should pay the delivery fee for the products shipped back to us first, after we receive the products and confirm that they fall under warranty rules we will return the shipping cost to you.

If after the picture-evaluation (Step 4) the product is not deemed to be fall under warranty rules but you still want to ship the product back to us for evaluation, you will have to pay the delivery fee. If the result of the evaluation is the same as the result of our original evaluation (not under warranty), the shipping cost will not be returned to you. We will then send you a list of fees for evaluation and shipping (back to you), once payment has been completed we will ship the original product back to you. Please note that if the payment has not been completed within 1 month (30 days), then we will assume that you waive possession of the product and it will become TRIGON’s property.
Please remember, after we recommend broken products are not suitable for use (cycling), TRIGON will have no responsibility if a customer is hurt using it.

If during evaluation products are found to have been damaged purposefully with negative intentions, this product’s warranty and guarantee will be invalidated immediately. The customer then has two options:

  1. The customer abandons the right of T.W.G and repairs. The customer should then pay the fees for evaluation, transportation and any import/export duty before we send the product back. If the customer does not complete payment, TRIGON reserves the right to keep the products. After 1 month the products will become TRIGON’s property.
  2. The customer decides to have the product repaired (or replaced). After all of the relevant fees (for evaluation, transportation, repairs etc.) have been paid, TRIGON will repair (or replace) the products (this usually takes 60 working days).
TRIGON reserves the right to test the products and evaluate their actual condition, the right to change rules or contents and the right of final interpretation in the case of any dispute.



TRIGON 2-Years Crash Replacement Project 


We believe that no one would try to crash or damage such a great product, but you never know, anything can happen.

If a crash or damage affects the product’s function or safety, TRIGON offers a great deal(discounts) to replace your damaged TRIGON products at a discount. The 2-year replacement project is only for the original product owner and only for carbon products (frames, forks, handlebars, stems, seatposts, saddles) made by us. This project starts from the date of purchase (on the T.W.G card). This replacement service can only be applied once within the first 2 years, and can only replace products of the same model (e.g. RC1 can only be replaced with RC1). If the model has been discontinued, TRIGON can replace the old one with a model of equal value. After replacement the old products will become TRIGON’s property.

TRIGON reserves all rights to decline this service if we find that the crash or damage has been caused by negative intentions, in this case, the product’s warranty and guarantee will be invalidated immediately. TRIGON crash replacement project does not cover cases of minor damage (not affecting function or safety). However, if you still want us to repair your products in such a case you can use the TRIGON 5-year repair service (see below). TRIGON reserves the right to change rules or contents and the right of final interpretation in the case of any dispute.

To apply for the TRIGON 2-year crash replacement project, please contact Please include as much detail as possible in your description and attached pictures to help our team evaluate your products.
After we receive the replacement request, our service team will contact you within 20 to 45 working days to tell you the results of our evaluation and give you the replacement service payment list.
Please note:

  1. We need to receive the old product for the replacement (pack it well and send us only the part to be replaced). The customer should pay the product’s full delivery fee (including import and export duties).
  • OR
  1. We will ask you to destroy the products (to an un-rideable condition e.g. cut the BB part of the frame) before starting the replacement project for you. Discount for crash replacement is specific, so it can’t be combined with other discount methods.

TRIGON 5-years Repair Service


TRIGON provide a repair service for all TRIGON carbon products, made by us within the 5 year guarantee period (based on T.W.G card, starting from the date of purchase). For more details about the repair service, please contact Please describe the condition in as much detail as possible and attach pictures to help us with our evaluation.

Please include the following for the first evaluation:

  • First name:
  • Last name:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number:
  • Address:
  • Product model name:
  • Product size:
  • Product serial number:
  • Date of purchase:
  • Problem:
  • Under what conditions did the problem occur:
Please note that this repair service is not free. After we receive your repair request, we will send you a list of predicted charges for evaluation, repair, assembly, transportation etc. You can then decide to repair the product or not.
If you choose to repair it, we will need you to:
  1. Pack the only damaged products carefully (Recommend only using the original TRIGON product box).
  2. We will send our delivery partner to collect the package from you after you had completed the fee, which based on the Predicted-Charging-Fee-List)
  3. TRIGON tech-team will evaluate the damaged product (Usually 20-45 working days) after we received the products.
  4. We will make an Actual-Charging-Fee-List to you (The actual charging fee could be less/ equal/ higher than the Predicted-Charging-Fee-List)
  5. The repairing will be started after we received the remaining fee, based on the Predicted-Charging-Fee-List.
    (If you decide not to repair, the product will be packed well and send back to you. Please note that you still need to complete the payment of evaluating, import/ export duties and transportation before the shipment.)

    Kindly remind that the products evaluating may require cutting or burning the products in order to figure out the actual condition of the product, once the product had been cut or burned, it will no longer for using(cycling), in this case, if you still want to repair your product, you can follow the TRIGON replacement project. 
  6. Once the repairing has been completed, your products will be shipped to you. (Generally repairing need 30-90 working days)

TRIGON reserves the rights to test and evaluate the actual products condition of repairing and the right of changing rules or contents and the right of final interpretation in the case of any dispute.