TRIGON BIKE Buying Guide

TRIGON BIKE OFFICIAL provides a safe online bikes shopping platform. Please register as a member before any purchasing, and registration is for free. TRIGON BIKE OFFICIAL offers BIKES and FRAMESETS if you would like to buy other components or accessories or any idea of cooperation, you can via the “Contact us” page to find us. 

If the registration is via Facebook or Google, please link to the “Member page” for setting the password, personal information, billing, and shipping address before any purchasing.

If the registration is being done while purchasing (Check out) page, please remember to set password, personal information, billing, and shipping address after complete purchasing. 

TRIGON BIKE OFFICIAL only provides this online shopping platform, customers (members) should always be aware to finish the registration and complete the purchasing by themselves. If you faced any issue while purchasing or you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us via “Contact us or via TRIGON social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


Here is the instruction on the full Buying process

Find the products, which you would like to buy, make sure the model, color, size are all correct, then add them to the cart. If you have any confusion about the product’s GEO or specification, you can find the information on the product page’s SPEC. and GEOMETRY. We believe you can find the best model at the right size, which fits you well.

After adding the product to the cart, if you would like to check out, please click the “CART” link to check our page. You can do the final checking for the model, color, size, and quantity.

Kindly remind, if you haven’t log in or register as a member, the shipping cost will not display on the cart details (The shipping cost basing on the information of your member setting). You can either follow the next step, then login or register or you can log in first, then back to the "Check out" page.

You will see all information including, personal, billing, and shipping address are fulfilled, please check all the information are correct again before making the payment. (Kindly remind that TRIGON BIKE OFFICIAL online shopping is only offered to the registered members, please register and log in before purchasing)

According to our strategies, we are not able to ship products to all countries around the world. If your living country is on our shipping list, you will see the shipping cost to your country. If your living country is out of the shipping list, please contact the TRIGON sales team for the purchase.

Check the countries in our shipping list:

After all the information is confirmed all correct. Click “NEXT” you will be linking to the PayPal payment page. All payments will be via the PayPal platform(Easy and Safe). You can choose to pay with your PayPal account or pay with a Debit/ Credit card.

After the payment has been completed, you will receive a notification email of the order confirmation (order details). We will start to prepare your products.

You can check your order status via the “Order History” on the member page, please log in to check. You will receive a notification when the products are shipped. Using the tracking number to track the delivery progress via the link or

If you would like to purchase your second TRIGON BIKE, click to see the latest products.

More information about Customer Service:



  • Should I register as a member for purchasing products?

Yes, to provide the best shopping experience to you and for the customer service more smooth. TRIGON BIKE OFFICIAL is only offering our members to do online shopping. Please register and log in before starting the purchasing. 


Place an order

  • If I want to cancel or change the order after making the payment, what can I do?

You can contact us via for the request. To speed up the process, please provide us with your personal information (Name, email, contact number), billing and shipping address and the order reference number. Once our service team receives your request, we will reply to you ASAP.


  • Why is not shipping to my living country?

According to our strategies, we are not able to ship products to all countries around the world. If your living country is out of the shipping list, please contact the TRIGON sales team for the purchasing.

Check the countries in our shipping list:


  • How can I buy the components (parts) and accessories?

TRIGON components and accessories are not for online shopping. If you would like to buy components, please contact us, we will assist you.



  • TRIGON Official Website ( is a B2C functional website, which allows cyclists to do online shipping TRIGON’s goods.
  • Currently only available for UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and New Zealand.

  • All prices are not including Import duties, Tax, and Shipping. You have to pay the product price + Related fee at the same time. (Order Confirmed)

  • We will take care of the Customs Clearance for you. (For more information please contact your local Government or Customs)

  • (More details about Place an Order)


  • All shipping is via DHL or FedEx door-to-door delivery. (15-20 working days after order confirmed)

  • Please check the package to see if it's damaged ASAP after you receive the order. If there have any issues, please report to the delivery company (FedEx or DHL) within 24 hours. (More details about Product Shipping)



  • Every TRIGON bike and components with 10 days right of return

  • Every product's return has to be as the original status (All new without using, Including all the paperwork.)

  • Please note that you have to pay the return shipping fee, first. (More details about Return Policy)

TRIGON Warranty and Guarantee:

  • In order to protect your right of TRIGON T.W.G, please keep your T.W.G card, invoice, and receipt (purchase proof document) saved and carefully. 

  • The T.W.G card is only with the products since 2019. 

  • TRIGON only has one official website ( as an online store, all TRIGON products bought from other websites are not be covered by TRIGON T.W.G.

  • TRIGON products are covered under 24 months (2 years) warranty and we also provide an additional 36 months (3 years) guarantee. As a result, 60 months (5 years) guarantee, from the date of purchase.

  • Paint-jobs (painting) is under 12 months (1 year) warranty. 

  • Products damage caused by incorrect use is not covered by the TRIGON warranty and guarantee.

  •   TRIGON reserves the right to test and evaluate the product's actual condition and the type of replacement products decision. (More details about TRIGON T.W.G

More detail about:

Warranty Claim Steps:

lTRIGON 2-Years Crash Replacement Project 

lTRIGON 5-years Repair Service